Louis Dieudonne’s commitment to the commodity markets is evidenced by our active participation in the agricultural markets. As commodity markets become more interconnected, we are able to provide our clients with a wider variety of products and services.

We Re-Imagine Global Agriculture and Food Systems

Whether it’s coffee farmers in Africa or developing new products for the Agricultural Markets, we help our customers meet their nutritional and sustainable needs, providing food, feed, and fibre that is better for communities and our world. We mindfully develop and produce healthy crops to improve the world’s food supply. We operate across the entire supply chain from the farm gate to the consumer. We handle all aspects of agricultural commodities from seed to finished goods.


Our farms and buying teams are based in key regions across the world.


As a leading producer of cocoa beans, we are able to offer a variety of cocoa products that are refined to taste and function seamlessly in the food industry.

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Our robust research and development capabilities, combined with our knowledge of the cocoa-producing regions, enable us to provide a complete range of cocoa ingredients that are both refined and soluble in various applications.


 Our commitment to continuous improvement and innovation enables us to provide the best quality cotton at the most competitive prices.

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Our robust ginning systems help improve the quality of cotton, while our experienced operators help maintain it at a high level. Through our stringent maintenance programs and procedures, we have been able to provide our customers with consistent, superior quality cotton. We can provide risk management solutions that are flexible and cost-effective. We can also customize product offerings according to the needs of our customers.


We are a leading distributor of various tropical spices. Our expertise in the industry enables us to supply a wide variety of products.

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We are committed to providing our customers with high-quality, sustainable, and full-flavoured spices.

Our commitment to continuous improvement and innovation has enabled us to become the world’s leading source of food spices.

We are committed to continuous improvement. Through our continuous engagement with our customers and suppliers, we can offer the highest levels of transparency and product security.

Coffee Beans

Our robust and dedicated procurement teams work with farmers to improve their returns and margins. Our Q-graded cuppers can help them find the best price.

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We have teams of buying experts who are experienced in selecting the best coffees and processing them according to our customers’ requirements. We also invest in our own estates to ensure that we get the highest quality coffee and the most sustainable practices.


Our portfolio includes a variety of nuts; Sesame, Walnuts, Chia. We also offer a variety of branded products such as almonds, cashews, and pistachios.

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We are committed to continuous improvement and innovation at every step of the value chain. Our continuous investment in technology and processes helps us meet the challenges of the industry. Through our marketing managers, we can provide our customers with the information they need to make informed decisions about their nuts purchase. This ensures that we can provide them with the best possible solutions from both our origins.


Our strong network of farms ensures that products are of the highest quality. We are also capable of handling vessel loads depending on the market requirements.

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Our global supply chains help us source the best grains for our customers around the world.  As a result, we have a continuous focus on safety and security. We also work with partners to improve the efficiency of our farming operations.

Since 2015, we have been exporting grains to the top grain-consuming countries. Our origin teams are focused on buying the best grains from farmers and developing markets.

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