Louis Dieudonne is a leading metals trading company that provides a comprehensive range of products and services.

Our knowledge and experience in this field have placed us at the forefront of the mining sector.

Building on the company’s global outreach, Louis Dieudonne has become a leading trader in metals, gemstones, and bulk materials, through off-takes, purchases, and marketing agreements with producers worldwide. Our commercial supply and marketing expertise is complemented by our ability to provide our partners with access to pre-financing solutions across all deal types. Louis Dieudonne’s established risk management capabilities further ensures timely and creative solutions to meet our customers’ needs.


From miners to traders, minerals are sourced from various regions such as Africa, Australia, China, Russia, and the Black Sea.

Industrial Metals

We are a leading metals trading company with a presence in over 20 countries. We provide access to physical and market insights for our customers.

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We are active in metals trading across Europe, Asia, Africa, and the US. Our teams in London, Shanghai, Nigeria, Geneva, and New York provide our clients with a variety of products and services, including physical metal trading and market insights. Our metals specialists are fully integrated within our various activities across metals trading regions.


We trade all types of ore products and grades. Our team members are dedicated to sourcing and connecting buyers with specific grades of stock.

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As a complementary product to our established coal trading, ore has become a significant part of Louis Dieudonne’s trading portfolio. We trade a range of ore products and grades, including fine, low-grade, and high-grade lump, pellet feed, and pellets in Iron, Lead, Zinc, Manganese, and Fluorspar Ores.


A quality business needs the right amount of power to operate efficiently. We deliver and sell carbon-based minerals globally.

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Our core businesses are in the trading of steam, coking coal, and met coke. Through our relationships with the world’s leading producers and steelworks, we have been able to develop commercial partnerships with both end-users and oil refineries.


We are a leading global trader and supplier of gemstones. Our distribution network enables us to serve our clients.

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We process and cut our own gemstones to ensure the highest quality and value. Our digitally controlled production lines provide us with continuous improvement and speed.

We offer a wide variety of gemstones such as Emeralds, Rubies, Sapphires, and Tanzanites.

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