Over the past 11 years, Louis Dieudonne has been actively involved in the movement of energy around the world.

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Louis Dieudonne is a multi-commodity, asset-backed, and multi-currency trading platform. We provide our customers with a full suite of services designed to meet their needs. We have access to all commodity and energy markets globally. We originate and manage physical transactions for our customers. Our network of offices in key oil trading regions allows us to identify changes in the market dynamics and to implement robust hedging programs.


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Crude Oil

Louis Dieudonne  is a long-standing player in the oil industry. We are one of the world’s largest independent crude oil traders.

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Our network of offices enables us to identify and monitor changes in the dynamics of the oil market. Through our relationships with oil producers, we can provide our clients with refined products and storage solutions.

Fuel Oil

We deal in various marine fuels such as Intermediate Fuel Oil (IFO) – IFO 380 CST RMG and IFO 180 CST RME and Low Sulfur Marine Gas Oil (LSMGO).

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Strong relationships are key to our fuel oil business. This is evidenced by our ability to respond efficiently to our customers’ requests. We have a robust knowledge of the oil markets and are able to provide our customers with timely responses in with the most economical way of meeting their fuel oil needs.

Gasoline & Naphta

We are a leading player in the world’s gasoline, naphtha, and reformate markets. We are intimately involved in the dynamics of these markets.

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With trading offices in key global cities, we are committed to ensuring that our customers receive the right quality and at the right price.

Natural Gas

Louis Dieudonne is a leading player in the natural gas markets. Our skill in this sector enables us to provide a full range of services to our clients.

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As a leading player in the natural gas market, we are well-placed to capitalize on the opportunities presented by the increasing globalization of the industry. Through our network of trading desks and various other facilities across the continent, we are able to provide our customers with a wide variety of products and services.

We also expanded our activities in North America’s shale gas market. We acted as a physical supply partner for large consumers.


Since 2015,  through our various activities, we have become a major player in the physical commodities space in the biofuel market.

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Being at the forefront of the biofuels industry, we are able to align our activities with the ever-changing regulations.

We are also a leading player in the waste-based biodiesel industry. Our supply comes from Germany through the plant in Brunsbtel. It serves the German biodiesel market and the Rotterdam, Antwerp, and Amsterdam oil hubs.

Middle Distillates

We are a leading global distributor of jet fuel, heating oil and diesel. Our commercial hubs enable us to serve our clients in each of the world’s main trading regions.

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We provide a comprehensive range of services to our customers ranging from sourcing, transportation and storage to risk management. With a global network and the ability to ship, we are well-placed to support their needs.

With a global network of refineries, Louis Dieudonne is well-placed to support customers with their middle distillates needs. Our flexible and cost-effective solutions help minimize risk and improve efficiency.


Our extensive knowledge of the energy markets and our ability to observe the ebb and flow of LNG demand, provide us with valuable insights.

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For many years, Louis Dieudonne has been involved in the downstream markets for natural gas and power. Its extensive knowledge and experience in these areas enables it to provide its customers with the best possible solutions.

We provide upstream and downstream customers with access to a wide variety of commodity markets, including spot, forward, and swaps. We can also provide customized solutions to meet their needs.


Through its newly formed Petrochemicals division, Louis Dieudonne aims to become a leading player in the global distribution of petrochemicals.

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Through our various strategies, we aim to provide our customers with the highest-quality, lowest-cost products through the supply chain.

Our deep understanding of the dynamics of the global petrochemicals market enables us to manage risk and maximize value. This is achieved through our various management processes that are designed to help our customers achieve their goals.

Our commercial centers in key petrochemical trading regions help us reach out to the right customers and intermediaries globally. This helps us minimize risk and improve efficiency in the global trade of these products.

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