Our trading is paramount. It is the life of our business. Primarily, the supply of commodities is our forte, and it is one that operates on a truly global scale. We move raw materials, and finished products from their source, to the end-user.

Supplying Commodities Since 2010

Founded in 2010 with the focused aim of trading commodities, Louis Dieudonne is still unwavering a world-class company, staffed by professionals with experience and insight in the business of production, transportation, distribution, marketing, refining, market intelligence, marketing, trading, and finance of all forms of commodities.


Our status as a private company gives us a unique ability to act swiftly, innovatively, and decisively. The reach of our global network gives us a deep comprehension of the sophisticated relationship between the world’s commodities markets.

Our Trading

Energy Commodities

Moving energy is our core business. Louis Dieudonne is one of the world’s largest independent traders by volume of oil and petroleum products – one of the few with a global presence and comprehensive product coverage.

Soft Commodities

We export agricultural products directly from Nigeria. Products such as Hibiscus Flower, Cocoa, Shea Butter, and Edible Nuts (Cashew, Almonds, Hazelnuts, Peanuts, and Sesame).


Building on the company’s global outreach, Louis Dieudonne has become a leading trader in metals, gemstones and bulk materials, through off-takes, purchases, and marketing agreements with producers worldwide.

Building Materials

The focus is on delivering cement and clinker. For grinding mills and plants, we offer high-quality clinker suitable for all types of cement. Louis Dieudonne can supply all types of cement pre-packed in variable kilograms of bags.

Why Choose Us

We’ve Been There And Done it

When you choose us, you’ll feel the benefit of 11 years’ experience of trading commodities.

We Know The Commodities Market

Louis Dieudonne’s worldwide reach, local understanding, and experience come into play. Our systems, people, values, processes, and policies, are unparalleled.  We forecast change, and organize resources, to deliver innovative, effective, and reliable solutions.

We Focus On Results

For us, it’s all about what adds value to you and your business. We are committed to performing premium and cost-efficient services, providing a competitive advantage in all markets around the globe.

Our Philosophy


You Come First

Our customers are at the heart of every decision we make. We strive to exceed their expectations at every turn and create a culture of excellence.



We strive to act as a partner to our clients and combine traditional values with innovative ideas to deliver unparalleled service.



We are consistently open, honest, ethical, and genuine as we operate with transparency and unwavering candor.

Our Trade Routes





Let’s Work Together